Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Summon Statistics at last!

The Summon admin module is now available in the Serials Solutions Client Center - complete with usage statistics. YAY!

I have had a bit of a play and my findings and the first snapshots are available on our Intranet (sorry JCU Library staff only) but the granularity offered is pretty impressive.

What I did find particularly interesting is how much more used the service is compared to X Search (our branding of 360 Search) - even though we never had an official launch or any sort of a marketing push. Even the inclusion of it in our information literacy has been left up to presenters.

Another positive is that the Brisbane and Singapore campuses are big users comparatively speaking. Use is rising all the time - it will be interesting to see if making it the default search box on the home page kicks up use signficantly, and if there is any flow on to fulltext downloads through 360 Link (aka Find It) use and the institutional repository running on eprints.

The number of searches per session has also increased over 360 Search - not sure how to interpret that.

On the down side there is no indication of facet use, or even advanced search use (well not one that was obvious to me) making it difficult to guage how intuitive those tools are to use.

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