Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Day 1 VALA 2012 Keynote and the AM sessions

Libraries & the Post-PC era

Jason Griffey

In keeping with the VALA tradition the opening keynote was thought provoking and included the speaker's daughter (stills not video this time)

Not much point going in to detail when you can watch it here:

A broad sample of trends was covered - a couple that stuck out for me was the analogy to the early days of motor vehicles - they were all trucks for business/farm use - but eventually they became cars for personal use, mirroring the move from PC to mobile device.

Jay's daughter came into it because of her expectation that she would have ubiquitous access - it was inconceivable for her that she wouldn't be networked and not have instant access to she wanted (she is very young), but this was the world she was growing up in.

He was very pro-Mac - specifically the iPad/iPhone but in a sense he was saying that it will inevitably replaced by something much better, and probably cheaper thanks to Moore's Law.  As I tweeted at the time (but this time without an Ipad's spell 'assistant'  his confidence that ubiquitous disposable mobile technology would be globally sustainable seemed optimistic but who knows?

I was intrigued by his idea that the keyboard and mouse are doomed - that touchscreens, gestural and voice control will replace them.

I loved his Henry Ford quote - "If I had asked what they wanted I would have built a faster horse."  The message being the Jobsian tack that users don't know what they want - that's your job.

Gold star for his predictions - I always think that's the toughest thing to do.  He got a huge laugh for his Darwinian approach to clients who don't want things to change 'Well eventually they will die'

Mobile technology: academic libraries in Australia and beyond

Annie Yee
Report on a survey of 11 university mobile web sites services and functions.  Two UQ and Curtin were the Australian representatives, US, Singapore and Hong Kong universities were done as well.

I'm filing the findings - I have to address our mobile presence this year - but one idea I did like was the idea of streaming the coffee queue!

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