Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Marshall Breeding at VALA2010

Marshall covered a lot of ground. Some of the bits that stood out for me were:
  • The Abby video that introduced VALA2010 could have replaced his presentation
  • Web 2.0 is old hat, it should be part of the core of our apps not an add on
  • We can't be device nazis - and discriminate against users with various devices (iPhones, iPads et al)
  • Kuali OLE, Ex Libris URM, WorldCat cloud LMS are the revolutionaries in LMS's (as opposed to the evolutionaries
  • Do you want to go open source if it's just replicating the functionality you have in your current system?
  • APIs as an alternative to opening up proprietary systems
  • Open Source tend to have more limited APIs than the proprietary ones
  • Most library web sites are a list of links to disparate resources (as I say all the time but sometimes I wonder if anyone listens)
  • Marshall's ideal looks a little like Summon...
  • Deep indexing (particularly of book materials - Hathi Trust
  • Mobile is coming, but have a unified approach there too
  • Cloud computing is inevitable and efficient
  • Economic restraint is not an excuse for slowing tech innovation, it's a reason to accelerate it
  • Outlook for next five years
    • most still using evolved systems
    • more next gen LMS
    • Resource discovery matures
    • Mobile mainstreaming
    • Transition from local to cloud
In response to a question from the floor said that the problem for Linked Data is the business case for IP owners to make content Linked Data (by definition freely accessible)

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