Thursday, February 11, 2010

Twitter augmented Panel Discussion Day 3 Morning Plenary

This morning's panel was decidedly more wide roaming than yesterdays. With the chair tapping into the zeitgeist via Twitter. Lots of talk about user demand for multimedia and a brave attempt to relate what digital natives wanted/preferred.

One tweep said that her/his children searched for things in this order:
Google Images

Lots of real and virtual chat about access to ebooks in Australia and New Zealand and a little handwringing from the public library sector. Rights, metadata, full text and the near death of indexing and abstracting services unless they can be one-click to full text.

Teula Morgan pulled the blanket off the elephant in the room when she asked do libraries even needed to be involved if people were getting what they needed without our interference. No-one seemed willing to answer.

All in all a pretty interesting session, and confirming that itch in the back of my brain that sometimes libraries are a solution looking for a problem.

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